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The Cali- no, the Anah- sorry the Los Angeles Angels of oh wait not that either… Let’s try again. The Los Angeles Angels were established in 1961 as a Major League team. Since 1961, two players have gotten their 3000th hit and 2 players have gotten their 500th homer on the Angels. However, none of them are on this list. The Angels in The Outfield are:

The Angels Rushmore:

Vladimir Guerrero – OF (2004-2009)

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Vladimir Guerrero is first on the list as he is the first player ever to be inducted into the Hall of Fame wearing an Angels hat. During his 6 year tenure, Vlad the Impaler hit .319/.381/.546 with 194 doubles and 173 home runs. One of the strongest arms in the field, he compiled 41 assists and the respect of any base runner. Vladdy was known especially for his unique ability to hit a pitch that was thrown anywhere in his general direction, whether it was above his chin or bouncing in the dirt below. Vlad posted a 23.4 bWAR with the Angels and won his only MVP in 2004. He was an All-Star and Silver Slugger in 4 of his 6 seasons.

Nolan Ryan – SP (1972-1979)

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Nolan Ryan was a fireballer in a generation of accuracy. He maintained a status of wanting to strike out every batter he faced regardless of the repercussions. In his 8 year career playing for the then California Angels, Ryan had a 3.13 ERA, pitched 156 complete games, 40 shutouts, 4 no hitters, and 2,416 strikeouts along with 2,795 walks. “Ryan Express” would’ve been the first player inducted into the HOF wearing an Angels hat had it not been for then GM Buzzie Bavasi stating: “All the Angels need is two 8-7 pitchers” to replace the fireballer. Ryan promptly left for greener pastures. Nolan retired with the MLB record in strikeouts and walks and was inducted wearing a Rangers cap.

Mike Trout – OF (2011-Present)

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If you haven’t heard of the Millville Meteor or the Holy Fish by now, baseball may just not be for you. Mike Trout led the youth movement of the 2010s and quickly became the best player in baseball. Since his call up in 2011, he has hit .307/.416/.573. With each passing year, his numbers are only soaring up. In only 8 seasons, he ranks 99th all-time in bWAR. He has also racked up 2 MVPs, along with 6 top 2 finishes. As for his tenure with the Angels, he leads in career WAR, OBP, SLG, OPS and is in the top 5 for doubles, triples and home runs. All of this while not being in the top 10 of games played. Trout is certainly the best player in Angels history and looks to eventually become the greatest player of all time.

Honorable Mentions:

Jim Fregosi – Infielder (1961-1971)

Fregosi made his big league debut in 1961. Over his career, he compiled a 48.7 bWAR which ranks 3rd among Angels players. The first gold glove winner in the Angels’ history hit for a modest .265/.338/.398 at the shortstop position. He was the first Angel to have his number retired.

Jered Weaver – SP (2006-2016)

Weaver was the loud mouth ace of the Angels from 2006-2015, but he backed it up by posting a 3.63 ERA and a 20 win season. Weaver was known for his excellent command and lack of velocity. Despite that, he struck out 1598 batters over his Angels’ career. In 4 postseason starts, Weaver had a 2.11 ERA and was a part of the division winning Angels in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2014.

Bartolo Colon – SP (2004-2007)

Big Sexy only played 4 years in Anaheim but were they record breaking. After posting a 3.48 ERA and winning a league leading 21 games, Colon won his first and only Cy Young. He followed that up by having the worst first half in baseball history for a former Cy Young winner, posting a 5.11 ERA and a whopping 1 win in 10 starts. He followed that with a 2006 season that was even worse, accumulating a 6.34 ERA and a solid 6 wins. Bartolo certainly left his mark in Angel Stadium, supplying fans with numerous home run balls.

Final Pick:

Tim Salmon – OF (1992-2006)

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When Tim Salmon made his debut in 1992, he became the 13,806th player in Major League history. From then on, King Fish compiled a 40.4 bWAR over 14 seasons as a California Angel. As an integral part of the only World Series team in Angels history, he hit .346 with 2 home runs to help the Angels beat the Giants in 7 games. Speaking of home runs, he leads the Angels franchise in long balls (as of now), along with being 2nd or 3rd in virtually every other offensive category. In his career, Salmon hit .282/.385/.498 with 299 home runs and won the ROY award in 1993.

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