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Wendle: Baseball’s Version of Wordle (5/22/22)

Hello and welcome back to Diamond Digest’s Wendle (name inspired by Joey Wendle), our version of the very popular game Wordle (created by Josh Wardle)!

In our version, you will be trying to guess the last name of an active MLB player, and we will give you hints to try and make things a little bit easier if you choose to take them.

If you have never played any version of Wordle before here are the basics:

  • You have 6 attempts to guess the word, after that it’s game over!
    • A Gray Tile means the letter does not appear in the word at all, so it would be wise to avoid using them
    • A Yellow Tile means the letter is in the word but not in the right position; mix it up until you figure out where it goes
    • A Green Tile means the letter is in the word and is in the right spot, so leaving it where it lies may be a good idea

If you miss any Wendle puzzles, go back and play them! We have added archives below, and will add all the puzzles that you’ll need to solve to make our leaderboard.

Good luck with today’s player!

Wendle #84: May 22, 2022

Click Here to Play

For clues, scroll below!

Clue 1: This player debuted in the same year as the previous two #Wendle players. We are looking for his last name.

Clue 2: This player plays in the American League (ALW).

Wendle Archives:

Diego Franco-Carreno

@djfc22 on Twitter. Boise State University Mathematics 2021. Math and baseball.

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