Garrett Brodeur

Garrett holds a Master of Laws degree in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center ('19), a Juris Doctor degree from Duke University School of Law ('17), and a Bachelor's degree in Clarinet Performance from the University of Houston ('13). At Georgetown Law, Garrett studied corporate and international tax planning. At Duke, he focused on corporate and securities law, and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law. At the University of Houston, he performed as a clarinet soloist in statewide concerto competitions, and as principal clarinetist in various performing ensembles at the Moores School of Music. Garrett will join a large accounting firm as a tax associate in August 2019. He is an avid baseball fan, and enjoys learning about beekeeping and Japanese culture. If Garrett could meet one individual connected with baseball: Tim Kurkjian.
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