Ilan “Wisdom”

Hi, my names Ilan but you can call me Wisdom. I’ve been a Rockies fan for years, suffering when the team suffered and in the brief moments of fun like when I saw Ian Desmond hit 2 homers at Citi Field in 2018, including his first homer to left field in my lifetime. I’ve always been into baseball, except for the awful night in Cleveland back in 2017. The Rockies were beating Corey Kluber 1-0 on a leadoff Charlie Blackmon dinger until they decided to put Greg Holland on the mound in the bottom of the 9th. It was the bottom of the order and in the most Rockies fashion possible, Austin Jackson hit the game tying double in a 2 strike count and then Yan Gomes, also in a 2 strike count then hits a walkoff shot into the bleachers. Cleveland is going wild, they are about to go red hot and I am speechless in my Rockies gear. Thankfully the Cleveland faithful are very good folks and weren’t boastful but I was unable to believe that game. My favorite baseball stat is anything that proves the Coors Field hangover, it’s real people.

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