Jacob Samuels

My name is Jacob Samuels. I am attending UCLA in the class of 2021 as a Statistics major with a minor in Cognitive Science. I am from Concord, CA. I work as a student manager for the UCLA Baseball team. My favorite baseball team is the Mets but I also grew up a Giants fan as well.
My favorite live baseball memory is seeing Travis Ishikawa hit a walkoff home run to send the Giants to the World Series in 2014. I am the proud owner of 3 Ygnacio Valley High School career baseball records: OBP, walks, and gamed played. Funny story, I needed to reach base once in my final game to set the OBP record. I came up in the second to last inning at 0-3. I got hit by the pitch with it just barely grazing my jersey. I was disappointed for a split second that my career would end so anticlimactically, took one step toward first, and got extremely excited when I realized I set the record. Best stat ever: Jacob deGrom has given up 1 ER or less in 81/163 (49.7%) career starts.

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