BREAKING: Reds and Dodgers Agree to a Mega Deal

Reds Get: Yasiel Puig, Alex Wood, Matt Kemp, and Kyle Farmer

Dodgers Get: Homer Bailey, Jeter Downs, and Josiah Gray

This is the tweet that broke the news of the blockbuster trade between the Reds and the Dodgers. The Cincinnati Reds were rumored to be buyers this offseason and this confirmed the rumor. The Reds will gain two solid OFs in Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp, a spot in which they have had trouble getting consistent play out of for a few years now. Cincinnati will also receive Alex Wood, who is another great addition to the Reds starting rotation. The Reds desperately need pitching help, they have been at the bottom of MLB for years also. There seems to be a pattern here…

Despite the depressing rebuild, this is a great day for Reds fans. To tack onto the already great deal, Cincinnati will also get C/3B Kyle Farmer, who has played 59 games for the Dodgers over the last two seasons. Christmas came a little early in Cincinnati and as of right now, the vibe is going in the right direction.

I think I speak for all Reds fans when I say Hallelujah!! Homer Bailey is no longer a Cincinnati Red!!! The dislike for Homer Bailey is real and even though he gave the Reds two no-hitters in his career, he was an absolute train wreck after he signed a 6-year deal just before the 2014 season. Homer Bailey did however, give Reds fans an early Christmas present today, when he waived his 10-and-5 clause and approved to be traded.

The Dodgers got Homer Bailey, but will likely drop him as soon as the transaction is finalized. To go along with Bailey, the Dodgers get two talented prospects in Jeter Downs and Josiah Gray. 2B/SS Jeter Downs has showed a great deal of promise in his early minor league career and SP Josiah Gray was just drafted in the Second Round of the 2018 Draft and celebrated his 21st birthday by being traded to the Dodgers.

Downs is just 20 years old and is going to be the 7th rated prospect in the Dodgers Organization. Gray has pitched in just 12 games for the Reds farm system and will be another solid piece in the seemingly lopsided deal.

The Reds absolutely won this trade, but the Dodgers only did this for one reason, Bryce Harper. The most anticipated free agent of the MLB offseason is the obviously a top target for the Dodgers and this deal was to make room for him. It is not a lock, but this is a great indicator that the Dodgers are serious about acquiring Harper. The trade gives them space in terms of roster and budget. The deal does absolutely nothing for the 2019 Los Angeles Dodgers, but it tremendously helps the 2019 Cincinnati Reds.

The NL Central is going to be a tough division to come out on top. With the Cubs, Brewers, and Cardinals already considered the best bets for the pennant, I think the Reds are on their way. Cincinnati hired a whole new staff and look like they are still trying to make moves this offseason, according to Reds President of Baseball Operations, Dick Williams. Opening Day cannot come soon enough!

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