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2020 review Moose Yaz X

They say history never repeats itself. They are wrong. Once again, the Milwaukee Brewers have fallen at the hands of the American League in the World Series. Grandal has improved, yet hardly. Moustakas is aging, and Xander couldn’t carry the weight of Travis Shaw’s sub .850 fielding percentage. Look to go in the direction of pitching and defense to finally hoist the long awaited Commissioner’s trophy in fall of 2021! Room for only one free agent to sign, you have the choice of signing Joc Pederson, or staying the same consistently good roster. It’s your choice, who will it be?

Stay the same

Sign Joc Pederson

Eddie Hardiman

Hi my name is Eddie Hardiman, I am currently a senior at St. John’s Prep High School. I cover the Athletics, Red Sox, and Brewers. I have always been a Red Sox fan growing up just north of Boston, but with Moneyball being my all time favorite movie and my good friend being from Wisconsin, the two other teams have quickly grown on me the last few years. Outside of writing I am a left handed pitcher with a mean 2 seamer. Shoutout velocity doesn’t matter crew. I have never had a writing job before, so I am thrilled to be working at DD. My favorite stat is that Greg Maddux faced 20,421 batters during his career and only 310 saw a 3-0 count. 177 of those were intentional walks. One fun fact about me is that I will beat anyone in Madden or MLB the show as I when I’m not playing baseball, I really am playing baseball. My twitter handle is @eddieh427 , so don’t be afraid to be my 155th (impressive right) follower.

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