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BREAKING: Field of Dreams Game Cancelled

They built it, but they will not be coming…

The Field of Dreams game that was supposed to happen in Iowa on August 13th is now really a dream. This news should come as no surprise with everything happening in the world.

This game was first meant to take place between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees. With the change to a regional schedule, the game was now supposed to take place between the White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals. However, after reports came out that there are 13 cases of COVID-19 in the Cardinals organization, the game was likely to be canceled, despite media reports that logistical troubles, not COVID concerns, were the root of the problem.

With this news, who knows if the season will continue. However, we can hope that the season will play out and the players and staff take more precautions to ensure the safety of others.

There is still no word about how the series between these two teams from August 13-16 will work out, nor if the Field of Dreams game will take place next season. There seem to be some early reports that the White Sox are expected to remain involved in the game next season.

My personal opinion is that this was the right decision, as it helps limit the travel for the two teams. Truthfully, the cancellation should’ve happened once the restart of the season was announced. Also, without fans, the game won’t have the same atmosphere as it would if this were a regular season.

Hopefully, by next season, fans will be allowed in the ballpark, and the spectacle this game was meant to be will return.

Featured Photo: NBC Sports Chicago / Twitter

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