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Join the 2022 Diamond Digest Team!

As the 2022 season gets underway, we are looking to grow our team and expand our presence online. Think you can help us do that?

If you’re new, Jeremy Frank (@MLBRandomStats) started Diamond Digest as Next Generation Baseball back in September 2017. Today, the page is run by a team of long-time page members, and our crew is over 80 members strong! Between writing articles, creating podcasts, and hosting live stream broadcasts of games, our team wants to continue to expand our reach!

Open Positions:

Currently, we are looking for the following positions:

  1. Team-Specific Writers: as a member of our writing staff, you will be responsible for covering a team of your choosing. This includes covering new stories, writing unique pieces on team strategy and performance, and building your brand on social media as an expert on the team. If you have a passion to get into sports journalism, this is the role for you!
  2. Graphic Designer: Have a passion for graphic design? Want to build your brand and get your name out there for others to see your work? This is the position for you!
  3. Social Media Strategist: as a social media strategist, your responsibilities would include helping run all of our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) with a focus on Facebook and TikTok. We are looking to build our brand in both places, and you would ideally bring previous experience in this area that could lead to unique, creative growth ideas! You would be responsible for creating unique content for all platforms.
  4. SEO Specialist: A big part of growing a digital brand is strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We are looking for people who can utilize previous experience, research, and analysis to improve our website’s ranking to provide organic page growth. Those with experience with SEO Tools, Google Analytics, Google Trends, etc. should apply for this role.

While these would be your primary responsibilities on the page, there are plenty of opportunities for you to grow and become more involved in our site and our growth for years to come! This includes appearances on podcasts, contributions to page-wide articles, and the opportunity for growth into Editor and Executive Staff roles!

Here’s How to Apply:

  1. If you are applying as a Writer, Social Media Strategist, or SEO Specialist: Fill out the below Google Form by Monday, April 25 @ 11:59 PM ET. 
  2. If you are applying as a Graphic Designer: Fill out the form, AND send a graphic to to showcase your work.
  3. Wait to hear back from our team!

Thanks for your interest in joining our team – we’re excited to once again be adding to our family here!


Frequently Asked Questions:

How often am I expected to write articles?

As a writer, your expectations are as follows:

  1. Cover important news articles (trades/signings) as they happen for your team
  2. Write one unique/analytical article per month on a topic of your choosing
  3. Like/Retweet/Share articles and posts on our social media platforms to aid brand growth

We know life can get in the way of passions sometimes, and because of that, if in a certain month, you feel you would be unable to meet any requirements, communicate them with our team and we would work together on a solution.

How often am I expected to design graphics?

Graphics are usually required as requested by our writers for specific articles. However, for big events (jersey swaps, big signings, World Series), we encourage our graphic designers to create some content! We also have a site for merch, so your design ideas could find their way onto a t-shirt as well!

All graphics created will always be shared on our social media platforms and credited to you. While there will be some specific graphics requests, we also want to give you a growing platform with which to showcase your work to a larger audience. The more you create, the more you get to showcase!

Are these positions paid?

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, our Executive Staff continues to work hard to establish a payment system as the site begins to monetize successfully. We have made recent progress in this area, and this continues to absolutely be in our plans. We are still a growing page, and you have an opportunity to be a special part of what we are doing here!

Jordan Lazowski

2019 graduate of the University of Notre Dame and current Editor-in-Chief. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and I haven't left since. Lifelong White Sox fan, self-proclaimed nerd, and Lucas Giolito's biggest supporter. Feel free to reach out and talk baseball! Twitter: @jlazowski14

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