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Join Our Team – New Contributor Application 2024

The 2024 season is underway! As we do at the start of every season here at Diamond Digest, we are looking to add new members to our team for 2024! Whether you’re looking to break into the sports media space or stretch your leadership skills with new roles, we want you on our team!

If you’re new, Jeremy Frank (@MLBRandomStats) started Diamond Digest as Next Generation Baseball back in September 2017. Today, the page is run day-to-day by long-time page member and current Managing Editor Payton Ellison (@RealPMElli14) with help from Editor-in-Chief Jordan Lazowski (@jlazowski14). Between writing articles, creating podcasts and social media content, and hosting live-stream broadcasts of games, our passionate team wants to continue to expand our reach!

If you’re looking to get some writing experience, put your content out there on TikTok/Instagram, or get your graphic design work on the map, this is the place for you! Over the years, we have had many of our former writers/content creators/graphic designers find jobs within the industry because of the work they’ve done for Diamond Digest – we want you to be that next person!

Please see below for a full listing of open positions, as well as their descriptions and/or qualifications. you are welcome to apply to as many positions as you feel fit your level of expertise/interest. Executive-level positions are marked by two asterisks (**) next to the position title. Please note that even if you don’t feel you are yet prepared for an executive-level position, growth opportunities for these higher positions will always be available throughout your time with Diamond Digest.

You can apply for all positions HERE:

Writing/Editorial Team

(1) Editorial Team**


The editorial staff is a crucial part of Diamond Digest’s reputation. Responsible for reviewing articles before they are published, editors ensure accuracy, consistency, and professionalism across all articles published on our website.

Reports To

Managing Editor/Editor-in-Chief


  • Examples of previous editorial roles and/or strong grammatical writing are required
  • Take on at least one shift/week during which you’re responsible for editing pending articles and scheduling articles for release
  • Updating any documents that are created to track the article publishing process to ensure you are credited for the work you are doing
  • Post published articles on Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media

(2) Columnist


This is the role that most members of Diamond Digest will hold. You are the people who make the website worthwhile and give the site the reputation as one to come to for experienced analysis. While you have a team you are responsible for coverage for (see below), you can write for any team about any topic.

Reports To

Editorial Staff


  • No previous experience is necessary to become a writer! However, we will ask that, when you apply, you denote which team/area you are most interested in writing about.
  • At least one article per month about any topic is required, with the opportunity to write more.
  • Adherence to Diamond Digest’s Social Media Guidelines/Best Practices
  • Constant communication on deadlines and updates for articles or contributions to DD-wide publishing


(1) Video Editors/Producers**


Video Editors/Producers are typically active listeners on podcasts and/or social media content sessions and are mostly behind the scenes, keeping track of content and helping to keep the conversations flowing. They will also play a large role in editing the podcast/social media clips for release, adding intro/outro music when necessary, and clipping interesting segments from our podcasts that can serve as teasers/engagement pieces. They can also be featured on the podcast or in the social media sessions, should they find themselves able to handle both producing and contributing to the work.

Reports To

Managing Editor


  • Previous experience editing is strongly preferred.
  • Active listener and occasional participant in content sessions
    • If multiple producers are chosen, the potential exists for a rotation of producers
  • Working directly with the Managing Editor in the weekly scheduling of content, including topics of conversation on the podcast/social media sessions, scheduling of participants, etc.
  • Timely editing and ad hoc clips that can be used for social media promotion

(2) Social Media Content Creator


With our weekly Instagram and TikTok content sessions and our Stream Yard streams of live games, our broadcasting team is only growing! Additionally, after a season off, we are also looking to return to a weekly podcasting format – meaning we are going to need more of our talented crew on the airwaves!

While listed separately, the roles of the broadcasting team and content creator teams go hand-in-hand – and many will contribute to both areas. As a member of the content creator team, you are responsible for helping create new ideas/questions/memes/etc. to put out as Tweets and Instagram posts to engage/grow our audience. In addition, you have the opportunity to help our team expand our presence to other forms of social media – Facebook, Reddit, TikTok, etc. In this role, you have a larger say in what goes out on our social media. You will also have the opportunity to specialize in a platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) if you choose.

Reports To

Managing Editor


  • Constant communication with leadership about a weekly schedule for appearances
  • Commitment to joining a stream once you sign up for one – backing out last minute should only be done in the case of extreme circumstances
  • Pre-podcast or session preparation on any topics of discussion
  • Creation of unique content to be posted/interacted with on social media
  • Interaction with our posts on social media via quote tweets and/or comments
  • Exploration of new avenues and ventures for DD to consider for growth opportunities
  • An openness to bringing new ideas to the table!

Graphic Design

(1) Graphic Designers


Great graphics are one of the easiest ways to build a brand – both as a site and as an individual. As a member of the graphics team, you will use your incredible creative skills to help with featured photos on articles, miscellaneous graphics, and potential t-shirt designs. Your work will always be featured and appropriately credited whenever it appears on something DD-related.

Reports to

Managing Editor


  • Display of strong graphic design skills expected in the application process.
  • Consistent availability for graphic requests including, but not limited to: jersey swaps for big signings/trades, featured photos for articles, podcast designs, & site/social media banners
  • Work with the graphics team to collaborate on unique graphics ideas and ideas for articles
  • Voluntary involvement in writing articles and DD-wide publishing (HOF Voting, EOY Awards, Preseason Predictions, etc.)

Strategic Positions

We are always thinking about the smartest ways to grow our brand. These roles focus on that:

  1. Social Media Strategist: as a social media strategist, your responsibilities would include helping run all of our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) with a focus on Facebook and TikTok. We are looking to build our brand in both places, and you would ideally bring previous experience in this area that could lead to unique, creative growth ideas! You would be responsible for creating unique content for all platforms.
  2. SEO Specialist: A big part of growing a digital brand is strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We are looking for people who can utilize previous experience, research, and analysis to improve our website’s ranking to provide organic page growth. Those with experience with SEO Tools, Google Analytics, Google Trends, etc. should apply for this role.

While these would be your primary responsibilities on the page, there are plenty of opportunities for you to grow and become more involved in our site and our growth for years to come! This includes appearances on podcasts, contributions to page-wide articles, and the opportunity for growth into Editor and Executive Staff roles!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often am I expected to write articles?

As a writer, your expectations are as follows:

  1. Cover important news articles (trades/signings) as they happen for your team
  2. Write one unique/analytical article per month on a topic of your choosing
  3. Like/Retweet/Share articles and posts on our social media platforms to aid brand growth

We know life can get in the way of passions sometimes, and because of that, if in a certain month, you feel you would be unable to meet any requirements, communicate them with our team and we would work together on a solution.

How often am I expected to design graphics?

Graphics are usually required as requested by our writers for specific articles. However, for big events (jersey swaps, big signings, World Series), we encourage our graphic designers to create some content! We also have a site for merch, so your design ideas could find their way onto a t-shirt as well!

All graphics created will always be shared on our social media platforms and credited to you. While there will be some specific graphics requests, we also want to give you a growing platform with which to showcase your work to a larger audience. The more you create, the more you get to showcase!

Are these positions paid?

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, our Executive Staff continues to work hard to establish a payment system as the site begins to monetize successfully. We have made recent progress in this area, and this continues to absolutely be in our plans. We are still a growing page, and you have an opportunity to be a special part of what we are doing here!

Here is a final summary of all open positions, as well as the link to apply for each of them.

  • Editorial Team
  • Columnist
  • Video Editor/Producer
  • Broadcasting Team/Social Media Content Creator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media Strategist
  • SEO Specialist

You can apply for all positions HERE:

Questions? DM us on Twitter @Diamond_Digest or email us at

We are looking forward to expanding our DD family even further this season, and we look forward to working with many of you on some exciting new opportunities!

Jordan Lazowski

2019 graduate of the University of Notre Dame and current Editor-in-Chief. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and I haven't left since. Lifelong White Sox fan, self-proclaimed nerd, and Lucas Giolito's biggest supporter. Feel free to reach out and talk baseball! Twitter: @jlazowski14

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