The MLB Game Score Belt

A fun award to keep an eye on during a long baseball season.

Okay, so I got this idea from NBAMath on Twitter, but I’m using baseball instead of basketball (obviously). The idea is, a pitcher starts the season with the Game Score Belt. If the opposing starter tallies a higher Game Score than the holder of the Belt that game, then the Belt switches hands. If not, the owner will keep it.

I randomly generated an Opening Day starting pitcher, and got Gerrit Cole of the Pirates. On Opening Day, Rick Porcello finished with a Game Score of 60, while Cole only managed 35. Now it is in Porcello’s hands, and we’ll see how long he can go before giving it up.

It’s pretty simple. Here are some ground rules I made:

  1. I’ll be using MLB At Bat’s Game Score
  2. If the starter with the Belt makes two relief appearances in a row, the Belt will go to his teammate, the starting pitcher who pitches for his team in his second relief appearance.
  3. If the pitcher goes on the disabled list (either DL), then the Belt will be given to the opposing starter of the previous Belt owner’s start. (ex: Porcello, who has the Belt, goes on the DL after a game vs the Blue Jays. Marcus Stroman started that game for the Jays, so the Belt is now Marcus Stroman’s.
  4. In a result of a tie, the owner of the Belt keeps possession of the Belt.

I’ll write a quick piece after every start by the holder of the Belt.

Currently, Red Sox starter Rick Porcello is in ownership of the Game Score Belt.

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