Jose Ureña Somehow Holds On To The MLB Game Score Belt

The starting pitchers didn’t do so well in Friday night’s Diamondbacks-Marlins matchup, but one of them had to walk away with the MLB Game Score Belt.

The Diamondbacks sent Patrick Corbin to the mound, to challenge the Belt owner Jose Ureña of the Marlins.

In five innings, Corbin allowed nine hits, six runs (five earned), while walking one and striking out four. That’s a Game Score of 18 for all of you keeping track at home. Ureña wasn’t much better, who, in four and one-third innings, allowed nine hits, five runs (all earned), while walking one and striking out one. He earned a Game Score of 20, which was just enough to keep a hold on the Belt.

Ureña will likely take the MLB Game Score Belt to Wrigley where he’ll probably face the lovable John Lackey.

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