The Evil Empire Returned, What’s Next?


So, the Yankees are in the ALCS for the first time since 2012. Only three (3) members of the 2012 ALCS Yankees are still on the roster in 2017 (David Robertston, Brett Gardner, CC Sabathia). The Yankees were not expected to get this far, Wild Card Game at best; very few people thought the Yankees would be a 90 win team. So, the Evil Empire is back. What do we do now?

You either love or hate the Yankees, there is no middle ground. This season has either been one of the best in years or the sign of doom once again. What can the Yankees do now?

  1. Continue the rebuild

Don’t forget, the Yankees still have one of the best farm systems in baseball. There is more talent in the minors, itching to join the team. Continuing on this path will only make this team better;#1 overall prospect Gleyber Torres should be ready by Spring Training and could be on the Opening Day roster in 2018.

2. Make a Financial Splash

As the Yankees have always done, they could try to make a major signing within the next two years. There are many superstars on the cusp of free agency the Yankees could scoop up and become a team that could rival the historic teams of the late 90’s.

No matter what, the Yankees are just starting. The stunning comeback against the Indians shows that the Evil Empire is returning. Baseball fans everywhere are sighing, the Yankee fans are coming back stronger than ever.

Ilan C.S

I am a freshman at Cleveland State University. I was born and raised in New York City, though I adopted the Rockies as my team after having a fondness for them throughout my childhood thanks to Dexter Fowler and Carlos Gonzalez. As much as Rockies fandom is painful, I love to represent the purple pinstripes!

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