NG Baseball 2018 Season Mailbag

This season has provided us with a ton of fun and we are just now getting to the best part.  Division races, award races, and excitement about the postseason have kept everyone on the edge of their seats all season.  For this article I asked a group of NG Baseball’s very own writers questions based on lots of the hot topics that have been of debate all year long.  Whether it’s NL ROY or some of the division races, our writers have the hot takes.

Which young stud would you take for the rest of their career, Ronald Acuna Jr or Juan Soto?

Ronald Acuna Jr.- 7 votes (59%)

Juan Soto- 5 votes (41%)

“Acuna for sure, he provides so much more defensively than Soto. Soto may have the slight edge right now offensively with his advanced eye, but I think Acuna will prove to be more valuable in the long run.”- Reed Zahradnik

“Soto. The defining difference between them? Soto’s K:BB ratio is almost 1:1, while Acuna is at a 3:1 ratio. That is otherworldly discipline for a 19 year old playing at the highest level. Acuna might have a little bit more pop in his bat, but I value a guy who can give me that power without striking out as much. Soto – at the ripe age of 19 – can be that guy. Acuna is going to be a stud. Soto can be a star.”- Jordan Lazowski

Is DeGrom the clear cut Cy Young winner this year, or is Scherzer, Nola or a different candidate more deserving?

Degrom is the clear cut winner: 5 votes (41%)

Degrom is not the clear cut winner: 7 votes (59%)

“I think deGrom is the most deserving, without a doubt, but he is not the clear cut winner. Baseball writers tend to weigh in on team success, no matter the award in question. Although it is very possible the Nationals and Phillies do not make the playoffs, the Mets have been bad this year. deGrom should win, but I think it will be a close race.”- Jacob Gilreath

“While the debate between deGrom, Max Scherzer, and Aaron Nola was very real just a few weeks ago, deGrom’s sustained dominance and the recent struggles of both Scherzer and Nola have widened the gap. DeGrom leads the NL with a 1.78 ERA, while Nola trails over half a run behind, and Scherzer’s strikeout lead over deGrom is not sizable enough to make Scherzer stand out enough (277 to 251).”- Alan Kohler

Who is your pick to win the World Series at the moment?


Red Sox-5


“That rotation is just too good. A postseason staff consisting of Verlander, Cole, Keuchel, and either McCullers or Morton? And then having McHugh and Peacock to get to Osuna? That’s pretty much game over. That’s a potent offense that’s going to get plenty of leads for them to keep”- Brian Schlosser

“The Indians have shown that they can win. They’ve been to the postseason 3 years in a row and still have a strong rotation, two MVP candidates in the heart of their lineup and some solid bullpen options that will get it in gear now.”- Wisdom

Who was the most disappointing team this year? Most surprising?

 Most disappointing team this season:

Nationals- 7 (59%)

Angels- 4 (33%)

Twins- 1 (8%)

“The Washington Nationals are clearly the most disappointing team this season, as this is Harper’s contract year and they had World Series expectations. Although they have had a bright spot in Juan Soto, the rest of the team just has not lived up to what everyone expected them to play like, as they will be settling for 3rd place in the N.L. East this Year”- Connor McGonigal

“Disappointing has to be the Angels. After signing Shohei and Kinsler, Upton locked up, Trout being Trout, and a finally healthy pitching staff, the Angels playing .500 ball this year is undoubtedly the most disappointing team this year.”- Reed Zahradnik

Most Surprising team this season:

Cardinals- 1 (8%)

Braves- 1 (8%)

A’s-5 (42%)

Rays- 5(42%)

“The most surprising teams this season have been both the A’s and Rays, due to the Rays’ willingness to stick with – and find success with – the unconventional “Opener” and the A’s ability to “Moneyball” their way through this season. I will always be passionate about small market teams and the unconventional ways they find success.”- Jordan Lazowski

Who is your pick for MVP in each league?


J.D. Martinez- 1 (8%)

Mookie Betts-10 (84%)

Jose Ramirez- 1 (8%)

“Mookie Betts has been the best all around player in baseball not named Mike Trout. He’s hitting for power, average, stealing bases, playing an excellent right field, and being a force at the top of a very potent Red Sox lineup. Even though his teammate is competing for the triple crown, Mookie has been the most valuable Red Sox player this season”- Brian Schlosser


Matt Carpenter- 2 (17%)

Christian Yelich- 6 (50%)

Nolan Arenado- 3 (25%)

Javier Baez- 1 (8%)

“In the NL I think any one of the top 6 or 7 could win (Cain, Yelich, Goldschmidt, Arenado, Baez, Carpenter, Freeman) The two Brewers will split votes and neither will win. Baez is fun to watch but he just doesn’t get on base enough for my liking. Carpenter went nuts for a few weeks but he’s cooled off a bit since and he had a tough start so I don’t think his entire season quite does enough to win. Leaves us with Goldschmidt, Arenado, and Freeman who all have been so close a few times in the past without winning that I’ll be happy to see any of them win but I think Arenado will take it for being so consistent for so long, playing amazing defense and leading the Rockies to their first division title.”- Dennis Ackermann

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