NG Baseball’s 2018 World Series Predictions

The 2018 World Series is upon us! About half of our writers gave their opinions on various topics, including advantages on both sides of the ball, as well as their World Series winners. Let us know what you think!

The Advantages:

Who Has the Advantage on Offense?

Red Sox: 100% (16)

Dodgers: 0% (0)

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the Red Sox have the better offense. They have more well rounded hitters, while the Dodgers have more of a ‘3 true outcomes’ type of lineup.”

– Parker Bekkerus (@ParkerBekkerus)

“They’re looking to play Mookie Betts at 2B, so that tells me they are loaded on offense and they’re looking to take advantage of that.”

– Jacob Gilreath (@JacobGilreath)

Who Has the SP Advantage?

Red Sox: 19% (3)

Dodgers: 81% (13)

“Clayton Kershaw is Clayton Kershaw, but it’s the rest of the staff that gives them the boost. Hyun-Jun Ryu, Walker Buehler, Rich Hill, all have been great this postseason, and on paper, the starters go to Los Angeles.”

– Adam Koplik (@thesportskop)

“Kershaw has been great, but I like the depth after Chris Sale, who hasn’t been bad either.”

– Griffin Meadors (@g_meadors05)

Who Has the RP Advantage?

Red Sox: 31% (5)

Dodgers: 69% (11)

“Kimbrel has been hanging on by a thread. I like Dodgers long relievers way better as well.”

– Scott Bentley (@BentleyScotty)

“I’m inclined to answer neither, but since I have to choose, the Red Sox have the slightest advantage here.”

– Brian Schlosser (@brian_slosh)

The Champion

Who Is Your Pick to Win the 2018 World Series?

Red Sox: 69% (11)

Dodgers: 31% (5)

“While the Dodgers have been hot as of recent, the dominant team of the MLB all season will prevail behind the powerful bats and ace Chris Sale.”

– Peter Bekkerus (@peterhb97)

“The Red Sox have the lineup depth that makes it extremely difficult to get through without running into any trouble, especially at home. Their outfield defense might be the best ever and they’ve gotten through the AL barely even using their ace. The Dodgers will make it a series because they have solid starters and tons of experience in the playoffs, but the Sox talent is just superior.”

– Denis Ackermann (@DenAck31)

“The Dodgers held off the Brewers, who were arguably the hottest team coming into the postseason. They have a clear advantage over the Red Sox in both starting pitching and the bullpen, which played a huge role in the World Series last year.”

– Anthony Brown (@brown_ant2017)

“The Red Sox have proven all the doubters wrong about their team all season long, and it was a sure thing that the team from the AL was going to win the whole thing. The Dodgers could put up a good fight, but with the way Boston has played this postseason, I’d be shocked if this series doesn’t end with a Boston win.”

– Payton Ellison (@RealPMElli14)

“The Dodgers are back for revenge and didn’t let the Seager injury take them out of contention. The Machado audition will prove to be huge in this series as he will lead the Dodgers against the high powered Red Sox offense. And although Kershaw has had a bad playoff reputation, I see him putting his name among the greats in this series.”

– Connor McGonigal (@cmcgonigal98)

The Series Itself

Who is Most Likely to be the World Series MVP?

J.D. Martinez/Mookie Betts: 4 Votes Each

Andrew Benintendi/Clayton Kershaw:  2 Votes Each

Sale/Bellinger/Turner/Puig: 1 Vote Each

“Betts hasn’t broken out yet in the playoffs.”

– John Principe (@jprincipe8): Voted for Mookie Betts

“Looking at the Red Sox roster, it’s hard not to pick Betts. Without a strong feeling on the matchups in this series, I think it makes sense to go with the best player in the series.”

– Peter Khayat (@youchtown): Voted for Mookie Betts

“He’s the best pitcher in the series.”

– Quinn Sweetzir (@BoBichette): Voted for Clayton Kershaw

“J.D. will come up big and feed off the Dodgers pitching that everyone is expecting to dominate. J.D. has played a second hand to Mookie Betts all year, and now it’ll be his time to shine.”

– Diego Franco-Carreno (@djfc22): Voted for J.D. Martinez

“Sneaky efficient this Postseason; Beni is due for some offense after his game saving play in game 4, especially while sitting in the heart of this Sox lineup. I feel good about Beni.” 

– Eddie Hardiman (@eddieh427): Voted for Andrew Benintendi

Special Predictions

Which Team Throws More RP Innings?

Red Sox: 50% (8)

Dodgers: 50% (8)

Which Team Hits More Home Runs?

Red Sox: 62% (10)

Dodgers: 38% (6)

Who Will Be a Surprise Factor for Both Teams?

“For the Red Sox, I’d say Rafael Devers. He’s had a great postseason thus far, although not having a great regular season.

For the Dodgers, Pedro Baez. He has been lights out in the bullpen and he must continue to be for the Dodgers to win.”

– Jacob Gilreath

Red Sox: Nathan Eovaldi – Eovaldi may be at the point where he isn’t even a surprise, but he has thrown to a sub-2.00 ERA in the playoffs, and has proven that he can handle the limelight. Both starting and out of the bullpen, Eovaldi will be a huge factor for the Sox.

Dodgers: Chris Taylor – Taylor, defensively, is a star. That defense is what the Dodgers need if they want to upset the 108 win Red Sox. Combine that with his spectacular contact ability, and Taylor could be an X factor when hes on the field.

– Adam Koplik

“Closers for both teams. They’ll be worked to their limit and will likely see multiple innings a game if games are close.”

– Scott Bentley

“Red Sox – Jackie Bradley Jr.: While he may not have the most explosive bat in the world, he still contributes to their team. I think that his outstanding defense will be a big part of this series.

Dodgers – Alex Wood: I think he will come in clutch for 3 innings to hold down the stellar Red Sox offensive. With his unorthodox delivery and his nasty breaking stuff, he can keep hitters guessing.”

– Parker Bekkerus

“The surprise factor for the Red Sox will be Rick Porcello. As a former starter, he can pitch a lot of relief innings that I think will be needed for the Sox. He will keep his team in the game, which is all that offense will need.

For the Dodgers, it will be David Freese. If 2011 is any indicator, the guy lives for the moment. He will have some huge hits against Sale in the series before he is pulled for Max Muncy.”

– Peter Khayat

“Devers will have a surprisingly good World Series, both offensively and defensively. Turner, while maybe not a surprise, will continue to be consistently solid at the plate and will carry the surprising hole left by Machado.”

– Peter Bekkerus

“For the Red Sox: Eduardo Rodriguez – he might have to make a big start.

For the Dodgers: Ryan Madson – he looks like the best Dodgers reliever right now.”

– John Principe

“Red Sox: Rafael Devers. With a majority of the dodgers bullpen being righthanded, Devers will be huge off the bench.

Dodgers: Alex Wood. Since being relegated to a bullpen role, Wood has taken on a long relief role and will fill a similar role that Charlie Morton did in the World Series last year.”

– Brian Schlosser

“Chase Utley, JBJ. Utley has had so much experience in the postseason, he’s bound to come up with a clutch hit at some point. Is it possible for the ALCS MVP to be a surprise factor? I think he’ll be even better as a contributor in the fall classic.”

– Griffin Meadors

“For the Red Sox: Nathan Eovaldi – appears in 4 games and is a a stud reliever for Boston.

For the Dodgers: Max Muncy – home runs win games in 2018.”

– Quinn Sweetzir

“Xander Bogaerts: amidst all the Sox OF hype, JDs huge year, and Sale’s Cy Young type numbers, it’s easy to forget that Bogaerts had a career year (.883 OPS). His defense is suspect, but his bat will provide a big moment or 2 in the series that could swing things.

Kike Hernandez: in his career his OPS vs lefties (.847) is 182 points higher than vs righties (.665). The Red Sox rely heavily on lefty starters Sale and Price. In games where runs could be at a premium, Kike’s knack for hitting left handers and hitting in the clutch could prove to be a difference maker.”

– Denis Ackermann

“Craig Kimbrel – all gonna come down to the tipping.”

– Diego Franco – Carreno

“For the Red Sox, Joe Kelly. Stepping up to the spotlight after beating the crap out of Tyler Austin, Kelley had an absolutely horrendous end of the season, but has carried this sox bullpen through the playoffs.

For the Dodgers, they have their own version of Brock Holt. Maybe not so much a surprise, but I think Chris Taylor will have one hell of a series and just light it up from every position and at the plate.”

– Eddie Hardiman

“Red Sox – Steve Pearce
Dodgers – Brian Dozier”

– Anthony Brown

“Xander and Grandal.”

– Connor McGonigal

What do you think about our writers’ thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

Author’s Prediction (@jlazowski14): Red Sox in 6 

Featured Photo: NG’s own Josh Appel (@AppelDesign)


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