2019 MLB Free Agent Predictions


This is the offseason that everyone has been waiting for as top stars such as Manny Machado and Bryce Harper could be suiting up in new uniforms on 2019’s opening day.  This is the time where contenders look to stay at the top and where the other teams try to put themselves at the level of the contenders.  Teams like the Yankees have cut their spending a bit waiting for this exciting class of stars who look like they will be changing the way the league looks for years as with some of these deals, teams will be putting their names in contention for years to come.  With names like Corbin, Machado, Harper, Kimbrel, and Donaldson, this offseason will be one for the ages.

For this article, I compiled the predictions of multiple writers here at NG Baseball to see their thinking on how this offseason will turn out.

Manny Machado: Philadelphia Phillies

Manny  Machado
By Ian D’Andrea

“The Phillies could use Machado at either third or short, and would be solidifying an already solid lineup. With tons of money to spend Machado will end up in Philly, it’s just whether or not Harper joins him.”- John Principe

Bryce Harper: Chicago Cubs

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By Keith Aliison

“Bryce Harper wants to be the undisputed face of baseball worldwide. He has already signed a deal to be on the leading baseball video game, MLB the Show, and needs a big market such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Philadelphia to fulfill his marketing goals. Unfortunately the Dodgers seem to be tight on roster spots and money and the Yankees have to be smart with their remaining cap space on more pressing needs such as defense and pitching. Both of these teams currently have 4 quality outfielders leaving just the Cubs and Phillies. While the Cubs are tight on cap space a simple maneuvering regarding a trade of Tyler Chatwood and Jayson Hayward to a rebuilding club can open up ample space, I can see Harper wanting to play ball with his childhood buddy Kris Bryant as the Cubs will make their entire offseason plan around acquiring Harper. The Phillies will have conflicting interest in time as Manny Machado is a better fit for their needs and knows their front office better leaving the Cubs to swoop in and have Theo Epstein build a pitch similar to that of Jon Lester four years prior and Magic Johnson’s to bring Lebron James to the Lakers allowing the king to further is off the field interests. Harper can step in on the field sharing the pressure that superstars hold with Bryant and Baez, and focus on elevating the 95 win Cubs to a perennial dynasty for the ages.”- Jordan Lewin-Skversky

Patrick Corbin: New York Yankees

Image result for patrick corbin
By Bob James

“Corbin to the Yankees makes too much sense not to happen. The 29-year-old left-hander broke out last season, pitching to an 11-7 record and a 3.15 ERA, while striking out 246 in 200.0 innings. Corbin has a slider that’s been compared to Steve Carlton and projects to a two or three starter (with ace potential), in the hitter-friendly American League East. The Syracuse native and life-long Yankee fan spoke out last season about wanting to play for the Yankees, and the interest is mutual. Too many signs point to Corbin in pinstripe for it not to happen.”- Adam Koplik

Michael Brantley: Atlanta Braves

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By Keith Allison

“With Nick Markakis leaving for free agency and top outfield prospect Cristian Pache another year or two away, the Braves are in need of a right fielder. While Michael Brantley has never played right field, putting him in the corner should help his mediocre defense and could help lessen the strain on his body. His injury history will limit the contract he gets, but as long as he stays healthy, he should be an asset for this Braves team.”-Anthony Brown

Craig Kimbrel: Red Sox

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By Keith Allison

“After a historic 108 win regular season for the Boston Red Sox, they capped it off with winning the World Series in five games over the Los Angels Dodgers.  A big part of this World Series win was the bullpen as it had been a question mark all year long, but they stepped up big time on the big stage.  While Kimbrel was not the biggest performer in that pen in the World Series, he is still regarded as one of the top closers and because of this I see the Red Sox strongly pursuing him in order to go after another title.”- Connor McGonigal

Dallas Keuchel: Los Angeles Angels

Image result for dallas keuchel
By Keith Allison

“One of the premier groundball pitchers in the game, Keuchel would thrive with the Angels amazing defense behind him in the field. His ability to limit hard contact mixed with the thick ocean air in Anaheim is a match made in heaven for the Angels (pun very much intended).”-Brian Schlosser

Nelson Cruz: Seattle Mariners

Image result for nelson cruz
By Keith Allison

Nelson Cruz is an integral part of Seattle and still command so much respect even at his advanced age. At 39 there is no way he plays the field again any time soon so he has to stay in the American League and I just don’t see a better fit than him sticking around with the Mariners.”-Nick Zinn

Josh Donaldson: St. Louis Cardinals

Image result for josh donaldson
Keith Allison

“The Cardinals have been long rumoured to get JD, and definitely have a need for him. With Gyorko and Munoz positioned to play the left side of the infield, it seems perfect for St. Louis to add some star power to the middle of their lineup.”- John Principe

Andrew Miller: Cleveland Indians

Image result for andrew miller

“Miller to the Indians because of history there. Not only is it the team where he saw the most success (besides the Yankees), but his value declined a bit in 2018, so I don’t think many other teams will be as willing to put money towards him, but the Indians may believe that they can rediscover what made him so good there in 2016-17.”- Ryan Rudhe

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