Review of Pre-Season Award Predictions: Manager of the Year

Before the season started, I gave my award predictions for Manager of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and MVP. I’m going to take a brutal look back at these predictions and evaluate how they faired. Every award has 30 voters, so the votes are out of all the ballots. If you want to take a look back at my reasoning for these picks, you can find the original Manager of the Year article HERE.

NL Honorable Mentions:

Joe Maddon (Cubs)

Team Record: 95-68

MOY Finish: 5th

Votes Received: 1 1st place, 1 3rd place

Dave Martinez (Nationals)

Team Record: 82-80

MOY Finish: N/A

Votes Received: N/A

Dave Roberts (Dodgers)

Team Record: 92-71

MOY Finish: 6th

Votes Received: 1 3rd place

NL Darkhorse:

Gabe Kapler (Phillies)

Team Record: 80-82

MOY Finish: N/A

Votes Received: N/A

NL Pick:

Craig Counsell (Brewers)

Team Record: 96-67

MOY Finish: 2nd

Votes Received: 11 1st place, 13 2nd place, 5 3rd place

Actual NL Winner:

Image result for brian snitker

Brian Snitker (Braves)

Team Record: 90-72

MOY Finish: 1st

Votes Received: 17 1st place, 9 2nd place, 4 3rd place


I was so close to nailing this pick on the head. My darkhorse pick of Kapler was intended to be a team that was a year ahead in their rebuild and made the playoffs as a surprise. The Braves and Snitker performed as my darkhorse team was supposed to. The Phillies were not a year ahead and performed as a rebuilding team. Craig Counsell was still a solid pick, the Braves just stole the spotlight.

AL Honorable Mentions:

Aaron Boone (Yankees)

Team Record: 100-62

MOY Finish: 5th

Votes Received: 2 5th place

Terry Francona (Indians)

Team Record: 91-71

MOY Finish: N/A

Votes Received: N/A

A.J. Hinch (Astros) 

Team Record: 103-59

MOY Finish: 4th

Votes Received: 3 2nd place, 2 3rd place

Paul Molitor (Twins)

Team Record: 78-84

MOY Finish: N/A

Votes Received: N/A

AL Darkhorse:

Scott Servais (Mariners)

Team Record: 89-73

MOY Finish: N/A

Votes Received: N/A

AL Pick:

Mike Scioscia (Angels)

Team Record: 80-82

MOY Finish: N/A

Votes Received: N/A

Actual AL Winner:Image result for bob melvin

Bob Melvin (Athletics)

Team Record: 97-65

MOY Finish: 1st

Votes Received: 18 1st place, 10 2nd place, 1 3rd place


Oof. Contrary from my NL picks, I completely whiffed on my AL picks. I didn’t list any of the top 3 finishers in Melvin, Alex Cora (Red Sox), or Kevin Cash (Rays). Bob Melvin became the 8th manager to win the award 3 times. Both Molitor and Scioscia no longer hold the manager position of their respective teams. Not my best section, but it is far from my worst.

Check back tomorrow for my Rookie of the Year prediction review!

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