Dodgers Land Jaime Schultz in Trade With Rays

On Tuesday, the Dodgers completed a trade that comes as something quite familiar from the Dodgers’ front office: acquiring a ballplayer with a poor track record and looking to turn them in something great.

Jaime Schultz, the newest member of the Dodgers’ team of relievers, was reported by Tampa Bay Times writer Eduardo Encina to be on the move to Los Angeles in return for Caleb Sampen, a right-handed pitcher in the minor leagues.

Schultz, the Rays’ 22nd round pick in the 2013 June Amateur Draft, appeared in 22 games of the 2018 season for Tampa Bay, posting a 5.64 ERA over 30.1 innings pitched. This past season marked Schultz’ debut season in the major leagues.

Although his ERA from his debut year is not the prettiest sight, Schultz did present himself on the mound with the ability to convert a strikeout when it mattered most. Schultz ended 2018 with more strikeouts than innings pitched, posting a strikeout per 3.57 batters faced, on average.

Time and time again fans have seen the Dodgers work magic with off-the-radar players and turn them into stars. Jaime Schultz and the Dodgers will certainly both work hard this offseason to see that trend continue.

Featured Photo: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

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