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2021 Gio Grandal Xander DJ FINALE

For all of you that said DJ Lemahieu’s success derived from and only from Coors Field he dedicated this season to you. The gold glove winning utility man posted a 20 HR 20 SB season for the first time in his career. His offensive production a mere bonus to his defensive safety net, it turned out to be one of the best signings of the year. DJ’s 20 20 propelled the Brewers to the 2 seed in the National League following a 95 win season. In the playoffs you took care of business against the San Francisco Giants in the divisional round, steamrolled the Diamondbacks in the NLCS, and then went up against the Cleveland Indians. Lindor and Ramirez combined for 6 home runs in this series, but Grandal Xander and DJ one upped them by posting 7 combined. In a 2017 Astros-Dodgers type series, the good guys came out on top in a game 7 8-4 victory. You brought home the Commissioner’s trophy for the first time in franchise history, immortalizing your name in Miller Park. Congratulations on your feat. For such a tall resume, we award you with your position as General Manager for the 2022 Milwaukee Brewers! You have won back your job, so congratulations to that. Again, we appreciate you taking your time on this project to read all the way through. Thanks for your support!

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