MLB Draft

Diamond Digest’s Final Mock Draft

It is officially draft day!

As we get ready to watch how the draft unfolds tonight, we figured it would be nice to give it one last go with a mock draft before the draft begins. There is considerable change in this one, as we have expanded our mock to include 41 picks and some players with considerable “helium” have jumped into the rankings. With that being said, here are some notes to take in before we reveal our final mock draft:

  1. The Baltimore Orioles have mentioned the possibility of not taking Adley Rutschman at first overall, but many believe it is just noise. Teams haven’t been very vocal about who they are taking in recent years, but this is just a rumor. There’s still a very good chance that Adley goes to Baltimore.
  2. There has been some rumblings about C.J. Abrams sliding past the sixth overall pick. Much like Adley, we doubt that this will occur, but there’s always a possibility this happens.
  3. You may notice that the back end of this mock will be significantly different than the previous two. That’s mainly because of guys whose stock has risen considerably in recent weeks.
  4. Lastly, let’s talk about Jack Leiter. The NJ prep star has a very, very strong commitment to Vanderbilt. Any team that takes him after the first round will have to give him an overslot deal, meaning they will give underslot deals to others. It’ll be interesting how this plays into the draft tonight.

Without further ado, here is our final MLB Draft mock! Me and Mick will also be live streaming on YouTube with coverage of the draft, be sure to watch and feel free to ask questions!

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