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Angels to stay in Anaheim

On Wednesday morning, the Angels and the city of Anaheim agreed to a deal to keep the Angels in Anaheim until 2050. The agreement also contains options that can extend the deal until 2065. As part of the agreement, the Angels will purchase Angel Stadium and the surrounding land for $325 million. The Angels are expected to either renovate the current stadium by employing machinery like the one on this important site, or build a new one in the surrounding parking lots. 

Prior to the agreement, the Angels had until December 31 to opt out of the current lease, or opt in through the 2029 season. In the end, the Angels and city of Anaheim were able to reach an agreement that will work for both parties. With the land, the Angels are expected to pursue building their own ballpark village, complete with shops, restaurants, and hotels surrounding the stadium. The development is scheduled to break ground in 2025. The Angels had previously been cautious about opting into a new deal because they could not reach an agreement with the city of Anaheim regarding stadium renovations, but Arte Moreno was able to strike up a deal with new mayor Harry Sidhu.

Prior to the agreement, the Angels had explored other stadium options. A waterfront ballpark in downtown Long Beach had been a consideration, but due to the proximity to the teams fan base and parking concerns, the idea didn’t really take off. A ballpark in Tustin was also discussed, but it was clear the Angels had intentions to stay in the place they’ve called home since 1966. The current stadium ranks as the 4th oldest in the MLB, only trailing Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, and Dodger Stadium. 

While the Angels will be in Anaheim for the next 30 years, they will still be the Los Angeles Angels. 

Photo Credit: Jeff Gritchen/ Orange Country Register

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