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Notable Players Mike Trout Can Surpass in fWAR in 2020

Mike Trout has already put up historic numbers in his career. Who else can he pass in fWAR in 2020? Read to find out.

Fangraphs’ Wins Above Replacement (fWAR) is arguably the best metric for determining player value. It’s my go-to for determining the best players on a team, or in the entire league. So, who better of a player to showcase for this than the greatest in the game right now, Michael Nelson Trout. It also helps that he’s currently 47th (!!!) on the all time fWAR leaderboard, at just 28 years old! His 73.4 fWAR already surpassed some greats in 2019, including Derek Jeter, Frank Thomas, and Miguel Cabrera, so this won’t be his first rodeo. However, the list of legends he can pass in 2020 is even more intriguing.

As I said, Trout has accumulated 73.4 fWAR, this being over his first nine major league seasons. That’s an average of 8.2 fWAR per season, and will generally be my basis for determining who belongs on the list, but I won’t ignore the fact that Trout can always have an outlier year, so we’ll throw a few long shots in as well. So, let’s get into the notable names Mike Trout can pass in career fWAR this upcoming season.

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Johnny Bench

Career fWAR: 74.8

fWAR needed to pass: 1.5

Johnny Bench is first up on our list. Arguably the best catcher of all time, Bench put up 74.8 fWAR over an illustrious 17 year career. Isn’t it amazing that Trout is on pace to pass Bench in just his 10th major league season? On top of that, he’ll probably pass Bench sometime in April.

Photo: Seattle Times

Ken Griffey Jr.

Career fWAR: 77.7

fWAR needed to pass: 4.4

Ah, The Kid, one of his generations greatest players. So spry in the field and possessing the most beautiful swing, and no, I don’t mean Trout. Ken Griffey Jr. is next up on the list. Griffey ranks 6th on the all time fWAR leaderboard for centerfielders. It’s position-on-position crime, and for me, one of the more special names Trout can pass this season.

Photo: Flickr

Brooks Robinson

Career fWAR: 80.2

fWAR needed to pass: 6.9

Were getting into the territory where Trout would need to avoid any significant injuries to reach. Brooks Robinson is the next name on the ascent for Trout. One of the best players in Orioles history, Brooks made a name for himself defensively, while still handling a pretty solid bat. Passing him would put Trout into the 80s for career fWAR, and in his tenth season, that’s pretty impressive.

Photo: AP Photo

Pete Rose

Career fWAR: 80.2

fWAR needed to pass: 6.9

On the same stage as Robinson, with 80.2 fWAR, stands Pete Rose. The Hit King, and one of the greatest hitters the game has ever seen. A surefire Hall of Famer if it weren’t for a few mishaps here and there, passing Rose would be a huge milestone for Trout, in my opinion.

Photo: Bleacher Report

Roberto Clemente

Career fWAR: 80.6

fWAR needed to pass: 7.3

A true pioneer of the game, and the greatest in Pirates history, Clemente accrued 80.6 fWAR over a 2400 game career. What’s incredible is that Trout can pass him in 1000 less games this season (with only 1199 games played so far).

Photo: Getty

Joe DiMaggio

Career fWAR: 83.1

fWAR needed to pass: 9.8

9.8 fWAR may seem like a long shot, but not for Trout. Will it be tough? Yes. Is it probable? No. However, is it possible? Yes, yes it is. Trout has had 3 seasons of 9.8+ fWAR, most recently in 2018. It could certainly happen, and I for one think passing Joe D, to close out a 10+ win season, would be another milestone on an already incredible career. If Trout were to pass DiMaggio, he’d likely end up with a 10 fWAR season, which would mean he probably had another MVP-caliber season.

I’m gonna wrap up the list with Joe D. There’s a few other notable players Trout *could* pass in 2020, but it would take 12-13 win seasons, and I figured I’d save that for next year. God willing, Trout will pass plenty of other legends of the game before he hangs em up, and I for one, can’t wait until we’re on the watch for him passing babe Ruth’s 168.4 fWAR. I hope you enjoyed this, and I can’t wait to watch Mike Trout be Mike Trout alongside everyone this year.

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