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Apply to Join Our Team!

As the 2021 season begins, we are looking to add to our incredibly talented and ever-growing team!

If you’re new, Jeremy Frank (@MLBRandomStats) started Diamond Digest as Next Generation Baseball back in September 2017. Today, the page is run by a team of long-time page members, and our crew is over 65 members strong! Between writing articles, creating podcasts, and hosting live stream broadcasts of games, our team wants to continue to add to the crew to keep expanding our reach!

If you’re passionate about baseball and want to get your start in baseball journalism, or you’ve written before and want to get your name out there again, this is the team for you! We are looking for writers for all teams, for Fantasy Baseball, and for MLB Draft Coverage. Additionally, if you have some graphic design skills you want to share with all of baseball social media, we’re always looking for people with your talent. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

Here’s how to apply:

  1. If you are applying as a Writer: Fill out the below Google Form by Wednesday, April 7 @ 11:59 PM ET. If you make it to the second round, you will be asked to submit a writing sample.
  2. If you are applying as a Graphic Designer: Send a graphic to and explain your interest.
  3. Wait to hear back from our team!

Still interested? We are certainly interested in adding you to our team! Here’s the link to apply as a writer – best of luck, and thanks for your interest!


Frequently Asked Questions:

How often am I expected to write about my team or design graphics?

Graphics are usually required as requested by our writers. Writers are expected to write at least one article per month in-season (two articles total during the offseason) and participate in any site-wide articles (HOF Voting, ASG Voting, Awards Voting, Power Rankings, etc.). There are plenty of ways to get involved in writing: news articles, team-specific analyses – the opportunities are there for you to explore!

Can I only write about the team for which I signed up to write?

Of course not! We want all members of our team to always be exploring. While you are expected to help write team-specific articles whenever news related to the team occurs, you are always free to explore your interests across all teams and topics – you should not feel like you can only write about one team.

Are these positions paid?

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, our Executive Staff continues to work hard to establish a payment system as the site begins to monetize successfully. This is absolutely in our plans. We are still a growing page, and you have an opportunity to be a special part of what we are doing here!

Jordan Lazowski

2019 graduate of the University of Notre Dame and current Editor-in-Chief. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and I haven't left since. Lifelong White Sox fan, self-proclaimed nerd, and Lucas Giolito's biggest supporter. Feel free to reach out and talk baseball! Twitter: @jlazowski14

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