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Arizona Diamondbacks Unveil New 2021 Nike MLB City Connect Jersey

The Arizona Diamondbacks will soon be channeling the way of the serpent, taking on the identity of “Las Serpientes”.

Today the Diamondbacks announced their Nike City Connect jersey, the fifth jersey released by Nike as part of their 2021 Nike MLB City Connect Series. Inspired by the Sonoran desert, the colors of the jersey reflect the harsh climate and terrain of the region.

“Living in what’s known as the Valley of the Sun” Nike says, “Residents have adapted to thrive in one of the United States’ hottest climates.”

In the video above, the Diamondbacks mention how, just like their rattlesnake counterparts, the team is “‘Charged by the Arizona sun. Always alert and quick to strike.”

Photo via Nike

With “Serpientes” (Spanish for “Snakes”) slithering across the chest, the jersey aims to honor the lasting impact of Arizona’s Latin American culture and represent Arizona geography, featuring Sonoran sand as the primary color, black as the text color, and red to accent.

Photo via Nike

The jersey also features two patches, one being a sleeve patch of the Arizona state flag and the other located just above the jock tag, which Nike describes as “A triangular patch [that] symbolizes the link between the team and the Valley of the Sun. The Diamondbacks’ alternate logo transforms into a V for ‘Valley’ and at the center of the design, a red circle embodies the sun.”

The Diamondbacks will debut this jersey at home on June 18, against the Dodgers. In addition to their debut, the jersey will be worn on July 16 against the Cubs, July 30 against the Dodgers, August 13 vs San Diego, and during the entire three-game series at home vs the Dodgers from September 24 through September 26 – a series in which the Diamondbacks will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Weekend and Roberto Clemente Day.

The remaining 2021 Nike MLB City Connect jerseys to be announced are the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers, which will be announced sometime in July and August respectively. The Giants will debut their yet to be announced jersey on July 9, at home against the Washington Nationals.

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