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Starting Pitcher Power Rankings: Entering August

In writing the past two installments of this series (links to the starters‘ and relievers‘ debut articles here) I realized that there’s really no need for me to write a blurb about each of the pitchers in the top 10. Nothing I would say would take more than a quick search of FanGraphs or Baseball Savant. Instead, I’ll simply list the 30 pitchers with their scores, ranks from last time, and number of spots they changed. After this list, I’ll give general observations, including biggest riser and faller.

Note: All stats prior to games on 1 August

The List

RankNameScoreLast Time
1Jacob deGrom65.91 (▲/▼ 0)
2Zack Wheeler65.82 (▲/▼ 0)
3Corbin Burnes63.13 (▲/▼ 0)
4Brandon Woodruff59.04 (▲/▼ 0)
5Gerrit Cole55.75 (▲/▼ 0)
6Walker Buehler53.38 ( 2)
7Kevin Gausman49.76 ( 1)
8Carlos Rodón47.57 ( 1)
9Freddy Peralta45.612 ( 3)
10Germán Márquez42.815 ( 5)
11Trevor Rogers42.79 ( 2)
12Lance Lynn41.810 ( 2)
13Nathan Eovaldi41.214 ( 1)
14Sean Manaea40.828 ( 14)
15Clayton Kershaw40.213 ( 2)
16Max Scherzer40.116 (▲/▼ 0)
17Tyler Glasnow40.011 ( 6)
18Joe Musgrove39.627 ( 9)
19Chris Bassitt37.617 ( 2)
20Robbie Ray36.518 ( 2)
21Lucas Giolito35.829 ( 8)
22Julio Urías35.633 ( 11)
23Yu Darvish35.119 ( 4)
24Shane Bieber34.422 ( 2)
25Charlie Morton33.731 ( 6)
26Trevor Bauer33.424 ( 2)
27José Berríos33.130 ( 3)
28Aaron Nola33.041 ( 13)
29Sandy Alcantara32.521 ( 8)
30Marcus Stroman32.434 ( 4)


  • Biggest Riser: Manaea took a massive leap, gaining 14 spots and breaking into the top 15. Since the last installment of these rankings, Manaea has posted a line of 13 IP, 22 K, 4 BB, 1 ER. He’s now well within reach of bringing his season ERA below 3 and CSW% above 30.
  • Biggest Faller: Alcantara missed a start in the time since the last list, and the one he did make wasn’t overly impressive. A 6 IP, 5 K, 1 BB, 2 HR (6.32 FIP) outing against the Orioles isn’t bad, but the bottom of this list is crowded. A bad start can really make a difference.
  • Even though the top 5 remained unchanged, there were shifts. Wheeler has narrowed the gap on deGrom to almost nonexistent in the latter’s absence, with Burnes lurking close behind. Woodruff has distanced himself from the field. Cole, with another clunker of a start, could lose his fifth spot to a surging Buehler (14.1 IP, 17 K, 1 ER since the last list).
  • His last few starts haven’t been the best, but Márquez still did enough to eke into the top 10. It’s very nice to see him get an accolade such as this.
  • Why aren’t more people talking about Eovaldi just suddenly being elite?
  • Isn’t Kershaw supposed to be in decline?
  • Hate seeing Glasnow continue to free fall down this list. He’d likely be in the top 5 if he had stayed healthy. Hope 2023 comes soon.
  • An update to the formula helped power a huge rise from Musgrove, who’s probably oscillated the most of anyone in these rankings.
  • Is elite Giolito back? In his last four starts he has a 1.71 ERA and 2.51 FIP over 26.1 IP. Maybe this return to form will help me win the Cy Young bet I placed on him?
  • It’ll be great next time when Bauer is probably off the list.
  • Nola has 14.2 IP, 14 K, 1 BB, 3 ER (1.84 ERA, 2.34 FIP) over his last 2 starts. Maybe he’s finally experiencing positive regression.

Sean Huff

Sean is an applied psychology graduate student in his third semester at Fordham College of Arts and Sciences. He is a lifelong baseball fan with a nominal affinity for the Phillies. You can follow him on Twitter at @srhkthew2 for occasional comments on baseball and assorted esoterica.

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