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Coasting Towards the Postseason: The NL West Roundup

Sept. 26th- Oct. 2 2022


The end of the week saw all but two spots decided.  The Brewers enter their last series of the season with the thinnest slice of hope for a wildcard slot.  The Braves and the Mets are still duking it out for the division title.  Everyone else’s fate is decided and eyes either turn to the postseason or to rest and a vacation with the family.

Colorado Rockies

Not a lot of news that isn’t salt in a wound.  The Rockies were swept by the Giants for the second time in as many weeks, this time on the road.  They then traveled to Los Angeles and lost 10-1 to the Dodgers in the first matchup, their lone run coming off of utility player turned reliever Hanser Alberto in the ninth inning.  Rockies starter Chad Kuhl and reliever Jake Bird combined to allow a staggering 8 runs in the fourth inning.

And just to add a little pan-searing to that salty crust, the blowout game allowed the Dodgers to clench the number one seed for the entire postseason.

In their defense, they did rally to a 4-1 win at Dodger Stadium on Sunday.  Starter Germán Márquez put in a crisp inning with only one hit and one earned run with eight strikeouts.  And even the previous night’s starter, Kyle Freeland, had a decent night.  Freeland gave up seven hits but only allowed one run.  But as the story goes so frequently for the Rockies, the bullpen could not hold back the Dodger Blue tide.

The Rockies finished Sunday with a record of 66-93, seven games behind the fourth-place Diamondbacks.  Considering they have another three games against the Dodgers this week, well, they will definitely not lose over a hundred games like some teams will this year.

Arizona Diamondbacks

For whatever scheduling reason, the Diamondbacks are the only NL West team to play non-NL West teams.  Like, I get it that with five teams, only four can be playing division matchups at a given time.  But I’m guessing that whoever made up the schedule thought the division might be another close one like last year and given Arizona’s abysmal performance last year? Fair assumption they might not be in the running.  

Though of course, this last series across the league is a makeup for lockout shenanigans over the off-season.  And the D-backs have already improved on their 2022 season and will finish decidedly above the Rockies.  With three games against the Brewers this upcoming week, they have a chance to perhaps spoil a team right on the thinnest edge of a playoff chance.  

Arizona finishes the week 73-86.  They face Milwaukee on the road to end their season.

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco started their week in dire need of wins and a three-game sweep of the Rockies was exactly what the doctor prescribed.  But when your elimination depends as much on other teams not winning as well, sometimes the inevitable happens.  Especially when you lose 8-4 to the Diamondbacks in a must-win game.

I’m not a huge Kapler fan, but to his credit, he did address the fans on Sunday.  He acknowledged that it was a difficult season for fans and vowed to “come back stronger than ever next year and make [the fans] proud.”

The Giants now face three games on the road against the Padres that can only possibly affect what wildcard seed the Padres will get. As Kapler suggests, it’s time to think about next year.

San Diego Padres

The main drive for the Padres this week was the need to maintain and they kinda sorta did.  They picked up only one much-needed win per series this week, from the Dodgers and White Sox.  But considering the hot week they had previously and a few stumbles from the Phillies, the Padres end the week still secure in the second wildcard slot.

It should be noted that despite the Sunday loss, San Diego starter Blake Snell went six innings while allowing only three hits and one earned run.  The previous night, Clevinger put in the same numbers. Snell also served up five innings of one-hit, no-run baseball to the Dodgers as well.

The Padres are fine-tuning themselves for the playoffs and it seems to be working.  Considering what a circus the team was just a few weeks ago, it’s to their credit that they are in such a good position going deeper into October.

Los Angeles Dodgers

All the Dodgers have to do is stay healthy and stay sharp to get to the postseason in excellent shape.  Most of the power players are on the board.  Kershaw is back and Gonsolin is on his way.  Trea Turner and Freddie Freeman continue to push each other’s stats higher and higher.  And everyone is for the most part hale, hearty, and intact.  

All you have to do is objectify them.  That’s right kiddos, it’s Dodger Hotness Bracket Season. It’s time to objectify men. For charity.  

Started five years ago as a throwaway joke with friends, this year Commissioner Makenna Martin has harnessed the hornt element of Dodger Twitter into a force for good.  This year’s fundraiser goes towards Peace Against Violence, a non-profit that seeks to aid and advocate for women in domestic abuse situations. 

You can find info on how to donate here.

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