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We are over halfway through the major league offseason, and as we turn the page to February, we can start thinking about baseball being played again. That being said, the big free agents have all signed and most teams’ rosters look to be intact, so expecting any big moves this time of year is not likely. Luckily for us, the transactions don’t stop!

By transactions, I of course mean Minor League Free Agents.

This article will serve as your Minor League Free Agent tracker for this off-season. I will include transactions from the beginning of the offseason until now and will continue to update throughout the offseason. Each team will have a table of all their signees and the highest level they have played in their career below. A total count is also displayed above.

Of course, the Yankees are showing their muscles by signing the most free agents, while the Astros have signed the least (does not include MLB Free Agents). I will note that all of the International Free Agents are included within the count above, however, are not included in the tables below.

Note: When I discuss International Free Agents I am not including first-time available signees that just signed this pass Janurary 15th. I am talking about the international players who were previosly eligible but didn’t sign with an MLB club in previous years and have no Milb playing experience.

At the bottom of this article, I will include a link to the code that allowed me to compile this list.

Now let’s get into it:

AL East

Baltimore Orioles

International Free Agents: None

Boston Red Sox

International Free Agents: RHP Gilberto Batista, RHP Breilin Arredondo, RHP Luis Jerez

New York Yankees

International Free Agents : RHP Michell Chirinos, SS Ovandy Frias, RHP Dari Brito, RHP Mariano Salomon, Niurby Asigen, 3B Adrian Gonzalez

Tampa Bay Rays

International Free Agents: None

Toronto Blue Jays

International Free Agents: None

AL Central

Chicago White Sox

International Free Agents: None

Cleveland Guardians

International Free Agents : RHP Jervis Alfaro

Detroit Tigers

International Free Agents : RHP Josbeiker Parra

Kansas City Royals

International Free Agents : RHP Julio Rosario, RHP Damian Jimenez, RHP Marvin Rojas, RHP Augusto Mendieta, RHP Brandon Herbold

Minnesota Twins

International Free Agents : RHP Jose Vasquez, RHP Joel Garcia, 1B Nolan Machibroda

AL West

Houston Astros

International Free Agents : SS Jhon Diaz, RHP Jank Pichardo, Cristopfer Gonzalez, RHP Norbis Diaz

Los Angeles Angels

International Free Agents : —-

Oakland Athletics

International Free Agents : RHP Brayan Polanco

Seattle Mariners

International Free Agents : RHP Joseph Yabbour, OF Erik Stock

Texas Rangers

International Free Agents : RHP Rafael Tabolda, LHP Luis Garcia, LHP Angel Anazco,C Danell Figueroa, SS Aniel Mendoza, RHP Eddy Peralta

Link to the code that extracts the transactions from the MLB Transaction Page in R.

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Featured Image: MLB Trade Rumors / Twitter

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