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2021 JT Mike X FINALE

JT Realmuto, Mike Moustakas, Xander Bogaerts, Travis Shaw, Christian Yelich, Jesus Aguilar, those are just the bats. In the bullpen, Hader, Jeffress, Knebel. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, this once in a generation team has clinched a World Series title. Four players batting over .300, and six with over 20 home runs, pitching was hardly a commodity. Averaging 5.8 runs per game, it was all fireworks all the time at Miller Park. Barely missing the Mariners all time record, the Brewers accounted for 114 wins, adding another 13 wins in the postseason and only dropping two, game 3 of the NLCS to the Cardinals and game 2 of the World Series to the Rays. Congratulations on completing this simulation, and completing your contract time. You won consecutive NL Pennants, consecutive NL Central divisions, and a World Series title. You have won back your job, so congratulations to that. Again, we appreciate you taking your time on this project to read all the way through. Thanks for your support!

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