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2021 Gio Grandal Madbum Stroman FINALE

After taking the practically Canadian Marcus Stroman out of his element at Rogers Centre, placing him in a dome 622 miles away (look it up it’s right I promise), hardly effected his numbers. The Duke graduate posted a career best 210 innings, besting his 2017 eighth place Cy Young season. Within those 210 innings Stroman allowed 88 earned runs, calculating to a 3.77 ERA (again, look it up it’s true, I promise). No matter how good these numbers are relative to his career, the offense just couldn’t account for any runs. Totaling only 2.4 runs per game, even a league best 2.9 ERA couldn’t outpace the runs, as it finally caught up to the Brew crew in the playoffs. After winning the NL Central, the division series was not their friend as the Brewers lost to the Colorado Rockies in five games of the NLDS, losing the fifth by a score of 1-0. Despite your tough final season, what you accomplished in your first three seasons is nothing short of incredible. Three straight division titles, two straight NL pennants, and one 105 win season, who would’ve thought? Congratulations on your accomplishments. For such a tall resume, we award you with your position as general manager for the 2022 Milwaukee Brewers! You have won back your job, so congratulations to that. Again, we appreciate you taking your time on this project to read all the way through. Thanks for your support!

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