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2021 Moose Keuchel X FINALE

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and you lived that. Unfortunately the wheels fell off the wagon early in the postseason, after a still dominant 100 win regular season. Taking care of business in a five game series against the Phillies in the NLDS, you moved on to the NLCS vs the Padres. The motivated youth heavy group beat the Brewers in seven games, as the work output of three straight short offseason 175+ game seasons finally caught up. Congratulations on your feats. For such a tall resume, we award you with your position as General Manager for the 2022 Milwaukee Brewers! You have won back your job, so congratulations to that. Again, we appreciate you taking your time on this project to read all the way through. Thanks for your support!

Feel free to return to the beginning and win more championships!

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