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2020 Moose Keuchel X SZN in Review

Whether or not Xander was in fact the “X Factor”, somebody was, because… the Milwaukee Brewers are World Series Champions! AGAIN! Joining only three other teams in MLB History to go back to back, you are part of quite the exclusive club. Going out and signing Bogey after a historic season has found you and the fans well, as your morale and approval rating are through the roof. Yet, with your proven eagerness, we know you’re not even done, in fact just beginning. Let’s enter the 2021 preseason and find you a player to secure the third straight fall classic trophy. The only player you have enough money to sign from the market is Pat Neshek to a one year seven million dollar deal. Whether you sign him or continue with your already dominant team, is entirely your choice. What will it be?

Sign Neshek

Enter 2021 season

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